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There are several techniques that we use in our meditation practice, including counting breaths or being with the breath, and koan practice. And a very important practice used in the Soto school is Shikantaza. Here, Keizan Sensei describes Shikantaza and it is is also worth listening to his talk given on 15 November 2017 in […]

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‘Changing My Mind’ by Jo O’Riordan and Keith Parr

Here are two short pieces on the theme of ‘Changing My Mind’, the first by Jo Doshin O’Riordan and the second from Keith Shingo Parr, who is currently on Sesshin at Yokoji Zen Mountain Centre: “I found it hard to decipher exactly what David Loy means. Saying that the world changes when one’s mind changes sounds […]

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‘Showing up to my insecurities’ by Sarah Kokai Thwaites

Instead of writing about showing up with my insecurities, I’ve found myself writing about showing up to my insecurities. After decades of burying away my insecurities, being able to show up with them and feel them as part of my life has depended on recognising and acknowledging them in the first place. Most of us I think have our own most […]

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