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Keizan Sensei has invited us to write about any subject within the Buddhist tradition that, within the realm of our own life, feels meaningful, problematical, puzzling or all three. Here Maurice Shokatsu George reflects on the profound relief and freedom he found in discovering Buddhist ethics.   “I’m going to flashback to the moment when I became a Buddhist. […]

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‘Changing My Mind’

A reflection by Maurice Shokatsu George ‘A human mind is an unfathomable entity. Nobody knows what it is. Nobody. Consciousness? Awareness? A by-product of the brain? A non-entity? A facet of the imagination? It’s no use consulting the experts. The only expert to manage my mind is me. No-one else. Nothing else. No Buddhas. Only […]

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‘Reality’ by Maurice George

Indra’s Net  When reading this, please be patient. I’m trying, rather helplessly, to clarify my own mind. My reality is not the same as your reality. All sentient beings have different realities. Billions of beings experience billions of realities. Existence is not the same as reality. Our understanding of reality is at the mercy of […]

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A Quick Response to the Referendum

‘Only fools try to find order in chaos’ by Maurice George (Warning : Some non-Buddhist content) For some time I’ve been arguing that the U.K.’s political system is so totally corrupt and unrepresentative that the only option is to turn the system upside-down. At the moment all the power is concentrated at the ‘top’ in […]

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