Retreat and Event Dates

December 2020

Rohatsu Sesshin Online

Friday, 4th (7pm) to Wednesday, 9th December (9am).

Includes Dharma Transmission for Tony Shinro Doubleday

Following our successful online sesshins in September and October, this event will be an online version of our annual Rohatsu retreat which traditionally marks the Buddha’s awakening. It will also mark  and celebrate Shinro receiving Dharma Transmission.

The schedule will be similar to that of a normal sesshin with extended zazen meditation, interviews with teachers, dharma talks and services. There will also be an introductory session for folks who are new to sesshin and a daily ‘Samu’ or work period  when activities such as meal preparation etc can be shared.

We invite a minimum donation of £50 for this event.

If you are in a position to donate more we would be very appreciative. This would help to cover costs for folks who are unable to make a donation in these uncertain times. It would also help us to maintain our zendo base in Liverpool for the long term. (We continue to pay £10k p.a.without being able to use it). To register your interest and to book a place please e mail us at


March 2021

Spring Sesshin

Sunday, 28th March to 3rd April at Crosby

We are keeping fingers crossed that this event will go ahead. We will update on the website and by e mail as the situation with the pandemic develops over the next few months.