The Stonewater Zen Centre is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently meeting regularly online, please see our Online Zendo page for further details.

Retreat and Event Dates

June 2021

Weekend Zazenkai Online – Friday 25th June (7:00pm) – Monday 28th June (9am)

Inspired by the success of our first online weekend zazenkai in February, we are extending our schedule with another weekend zazenkai in June.This event will be facilitated by Suigen Sensei on a theme of ‘The Foot Before’: Discussions and Meditations on the Sandokai. The Sandokai (The Identity of Relative and Absolute) is a zen poem composed by the Chinese master Sekito Kisen (700-790) which is recited every day in zen temples and training centres throughout the world. This will be an opportunity to explore the relevance of this ancient poem in our everyday lives and practice, with the support of the Sangha and Sensei.

Suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners this weekend training period will follow the schedule of a typical sesshin with extended zazen, interviews with teachers, dharma talks and services.

There will be an introductory/ refresher session on sesshin and zendo procedures.Participants will be asked to register and commit to as many sessions as possible.

Suggested donation £25.
To register or for any further information contact Stephan at

August 2021

August Training Period 2021 at StoneWaterZen Lake District

We are happy to announce that the annual Summer Training Period in the Lake District will resume in 2021.

Four consecutive, week long retreats at the Stonewater Zendo at Butterwick in the Lake District which form part of the training for the ‘Shuso’ or Head Trainee. This year the position falls to Dorinda Genju Talbot.

The month will conclude with a full Shuso Hossen ceremony in Liverpool on Saturday 28th of August. This will also mark the reopening of the Liverpool Centre. (See this message from Keizan Roshi)
Bookings can be made for any of the following weeks in August:

Week 1: Sunday 1st – Friday 6th
Week 2:Sunday 8th – Friday 13th
Week 3:Sunday 15th – Friday 20th
Week 4:Sunday 22nd – Thurs 26th

The schedule for each week will include zazen, interviews with teachers, dharma talks, work practice and services & an extended afternoon break for walks in the beautiful surrounding landscape.

Cost per week (including meals & accommodation) : £ 150

To book or for more information please contact Dorinda at

October 2021

Autumn Sesshin – Sunday 24th October to Saturday 30th October

We are closely monitoring the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and are hoping to be able to hold this sesshin at Crosby Hall.If this does not prove possible we will run the sesshin online instead. We will post further information as the situation becomes clearer.

April 2022

Spring Sesshin – Sunday 10th April to Saturday 16th April