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August 15 Theme: Sangha

October 15 Theme: Our roots and lineage



January 16 Theme: Practice in daily life

April 16 Theme: Beginning practice

July 16 Theme: Benefits of practice

October 16 Theme: Our inspirations



January 17 Theme: Zen in daily life / My daily life in zen

April 17 Theme: Zen and the Internet

July 17 Theme: Showing up with our insecurities

October 17 Theme: When your mind changes, the world changes



January 18 Theme: Managing difficult emotions

April 18 Theme : Books that impacted on our life or practice

July 18 Theme: Buddhist practice in our lives

November 18 Theme: Aspects of the Buddhist tradition that feels meaningful, problematic or puzzling.



March 19 Theme: The Four Noble Truths

June 19 Theme: Two Zen Ancestors

December 19 Theme: My Favourite Koan



March 20 Theme: Zen and Therapy, the same, different or both?

June 20 Theme: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

September 20 Theme: Life during Lockdown

December 20 Sesshin memories



March 21 Theme: Ups and Downs of Zen Practice

June 21 Theme: Jukai and Shukke Tokudo

September 21 Theme: Zoom sitting

December 21 Theme: Practice and Daily Life



March 22 Theme: Aspects of Buddhist Practice / Books that impacted on us

June 22 Theme: Ancestors and Lineage

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Summer 23

Winter 23 



Summer 24