The Stonewater Zen Centre is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently meeting regularly online, please see our Online Zendo page for further details.

News Update:

Online Zendo closed during Weekend Zazenkai Online

The Online Zendo will be temporarily closed during the Weekend Zazenkai Online, which runs from the evening of Friday 25th to the morning of Monday 28th June. It will close after morning sitting on Friday 25th and will reopen on the morning of Tuesday 29th June.

Reopening of the Stonewater Centre in Liverpool

COVID guidelines permitting, the Liverpool Centre will reopen on Saturday August 28th for this year’s Shuso Hosen ceremony, and the usual schedule at the Centre will resume on Wednesday September 1st. Please click here to read Roshi’s message concerning the reopening.

Weekend Zazenkai Online – 25th to 28th June

Inspired by the success of our first online weekend zazenkai in February, we are extending our schedule with another weekend zazenkai in June. This event will be facilitated by Suigen Sensei on a theme of ‘The Foot Before’: Discussions and Meditations on the Sandokai. Please see the Events page for further information and booking details.

August Training Period 2021 at StoneWater Zen Lake District

We are happy to announce that the annual Summer Training Period in the Lake District will resume in 2021. Four consecutive, week long retreats at the Stonewater Zendo at Butterwick in the Lake District which form part of the training for the ‘Shuso’ or Head Trainee. This year the position falls to Dorinda Genju Talbot. The month will conclude with a full Shuso Hossen ceremony in Liverpool on Saturday 28th of August. Please see the Events page for further information and booking details.

Sangha Posts

This is where we invite you, the Sangha members, to contribute your short articles on your experiences, ideas or readings that you feel will interest others. Send these direct to Sarah Thwaites or via the contact page. Posts will be linked and publicised in general mailings, Facebook and Twitter. Comments may be made on the Stonewater Zen Facebook page or via Sarah Thwaites if you don't use social media.

We are a Zen Buddhist organisation in the lineage of Taizan Maezumi Roshi. StoneWater Zen Sangha has a traditional, authentic lineage and has been established in Liverpool for over fifteen years. The Sangha is growing and there are now groups across the UK.

The group is led by Dr David Keizan Scott Roshi and is affiliated to the White Plum Asanga.

We provide the facilities for traditional Zen training throughout the week. See our Liverpool schedule for details.

Every year we have two sesshin at Crosby Hall and regular retreats at our zendo in the Lake District. See our events page for details.

We are a warm and friendly group and beginners are always very welcome.

Mission Statement

StoneWater Zen Sangha is founded on the teachings of the Soto Zen tradition. Its aim is to promote and develop the practice and transmission of Zen Buddhism through meditation, study, precepts, Buddhist psychology and stewardship of meditation centres that are open to all regardless of gender, race or sexuality.

Our teachers and senior monks offer a regular weekly meditation schedule, several intensive retreats annually, and maintain city centre and rural training centres locally and nationally.

“It is our wish to promote compassion and understanding for life as it is.
May penetrating light dispel the darkness of ignorance.
May we realise the Buddha Way together.”

StoneWater Zen Centre Liverpool

During the pandemic we have closed the Liverpool Centre and moved our sittings online. The schedule of Online Zendo sessions is set out below.

All the sessions include 2 periods of zazen with a short break. The Wednesday and Thursday evening sittings, and the Saturday morning sittings, include talks by: Keizan Roshi, Shinro Sensei, Suigen Sensei, and the two hoshi teachers, Shoji and Hogen, and other guest speakers. The Wednesday evening sitting includes a short service.

We also offer online Introductory classes and interviews with teachers by arrangement. See SWZ Online for further information..

Monday morning
7.05am start – finish at 8.00am

Tuesday morning
7.05am start – finish at 8.00am

(Evening Sitting)
7.00pm start - finish at 8.45pm

Wednesday morning
7.05am start – finish at 8.00am

(Evening Sitting)
7.00pm start - finish at 9pm

Thursday morning
7.05am start – finish at 8.00am

(Evening Sitting)
7.00pm start - finish at 9pm

Friday morning
7.05am start – finish at 8.00am

Saturday morning
9.15 start - finish at 11am.