News Update:

Crosby Sesshin – April 2022

Click here for a group photo of sesshin participants

Shukke Tokudo Ceremony

Four students received Shukke Tokudo from Keizan Roshi on April 14th 2022 at the Crosby Sesshin:
  • Guro Shoshin Huby
  • Chris Zensho Huby
  • Giles Busshin Megginson
  • Kamil Doshin Bartosik
Click here for photos of the ceremony

Hoshi for Dorinda Genju Talbot and Sarah Kokai Thwaites

Dorinda Genju Talbot and Sarah Kokai Thwaites received Hoshi (Dharma Holder) from Keizan Roshi on April 14th 2022 at the Crosby Sesshin


Helping Ukraine – a Message from Keizan Roshi

Dear Folks,
I have received a copy of a document, “Helping Ukraine,” from Orina, daughter of Zen teachers Malgosia and Andrezj of the Kanzeon Polish Sangha.(Click here to access the document.)
The “Be” Foundation (Fundacja Małgosi Braunek) and the Kanzeon Sangha in Poland are devoting their resources to assembling and delivering medical supplies to Ukraine and to helping Ukranian refugees in Poland.The Foundation bears the name of White Plum teacher Malgosia, who died in 2014. She and Andrezj founded the Kanzeon Sangha in Poland, which Andrezj leads today.
Orina describes the purpose of the foundation, the shift they have made due to the war, and most importantly, how you can help by donating to them via PayPal:
Here is the English version of the Foundation’s website.
We will make a donation from Stonewater Zen Trust funds as well as any individual donation you would like to make.
Love and Gassho,
Keizan Roshi

Sangha Posts

This is where we invite you, the Sangha members, to contribute your short articles on your experiences, ideas or readings that you feel will interest others. Send these direct to Sarah Thwaites or via the contact page. Posts will be linked and publicised in general mailings, Facebook and Twitter. Comments may be made on the Stonewater Zen Facebook page or via Sarah Thwaites if you don't use social media.

We are a Zen Buddhist organisation in the lineage of Taizan Maezumi Roshi. StoneWater Zen Sangha has a traditional, authentic lineage and has been established in Liverpool for over fifteen years. The Sangha is growing and there are now groups across the UK.

The group is led by Dr David Keizan Scott Roshi and is affiliated to the White Plum Asanga.

We provide the facilities for traditional Zen training throughout the week. See our Liverpool schedule for details.

Every year we have two sesshin at Crosby Hall and regular retreats at our zendo in the Lake District. See our events page for details.

We are a warm and friendly group and beginners are always very welcome.

Mission Statement

StoneWater Zen Sangha is founded on the teachings of the Soto Zen tradition. Its aim is to promote and develop the practice and transmission of Zen Buddhism through meditation, study, precepts, Buddhist psychology and stewardship of meditation centres that are open to all regardless of gender, race or sexuality.

Our teachers and senior monks offer a regular weekly meditation schedule, several intensive retreats annually, and maintain city centre and rural training centres locally and nationally.

“It is our wish to promote compassion and understanding for life as it is.
May penetrating light dispel the darkness of ignorance.
May we realise the Buddha Way together.”

StoneWater Zen Centre Liverpool

We are located in Hope Street in the centre of Liverpool where we run a regular schedule of meditation and talks. Please click here for further details.