Introduction to Zen available in person and online

Introduction to Zen sessions 

Introduction sessions are now running both in person in the Liverpool zendo and on Zoom introductions. We’d encourage people to live within travelling distance of Liverpool to attend in person as there are some parts of practice, such as the posture, that it is easier to learn in person. We have learned in the last 18 months that one of the advantages of Zoom is that it has allowed people from all over the country and beyond to join us for introduction sessions and then to go on to sit with us regularly. By continuing to offer the introduction sessions online too, we hope to continue this. The nexr in person session will be on Saturday 27th November at 12:30pm. The next online session will be scheduled shortly. Please contact if you would like to book a place on either.

Introduction to Zen practice

  • Finding a stable and comfortable meditation posture
  • How to make meditation a habit, even in difficult times
  • Dealing with thoughts and emotions while sitting
  • What to expect when sitting with a Zen group, either online or in person.
  • We’ll also explore any questions you have about the practice.


If you are new to Zen practice or to Stonewater Zen and would like to join us for an introduction to Zen please email Sarah on   Please state where you live so we know whether you can attend at Liverpool or online. The first in person session will be on Saturday 16th October at 1pm.