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Preparing To Receive Jukai

Here are some reading materials to help you if you decide to receive Jukai.

Download Dogen’s Instructions on the Precepts (Kyōjukaimon)
Download The Rakusu and the Verse of the Kesa
Download Bodhidharma’s One Mind Precepts

 How to make a Rakusu

If you are to receive Jukai, you will be required to make a Rakusu. A Rakusu is an intricate and individual item and should be made with great mindfulness and without rushing in any way. Allow yourself plenty of time and enjoy the process.
It is very helpful to have a finished Rakusu in front of you while you work on it.

Download ‘How to make a Rakusu’

How to make a Zafu (sitting cushion)

This guide will allow you to make your own Zafu or sitting cushion.

Download ‘How to make a Zafu’

Setting up an altar

This short guide shows how, in our tradition, an altar should be set up. The image used is an individual choice but is usually we use the Buddha or Avalokiteshvara. The water should be refreshed daily and fresh flowers are preferable.

Download ‘Setting up an altar’

‘What to do if there’s no Zen group near you?’

Here’s a really useful guide written by Alasdair Taisen Gordon-Finlayson from the SWZ group in Northampton.

Download guide

StoneWater Zen Privacy Policy

Details of the StoneWater Zen Privacy policy can be found here.

StoneWater Zen Safeguarding Policy and Practice

Details of the StoneWater Zen Safeguarding policy can be found here.
Details of how the sangha manages sex offenders can be found here and the behaviour contract can be found here.