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Author Archives: Stuart Gendai Hollyoak

Brief Love

On our theme of emotions, here is a lovely piece by Stuart Hollyoak.  I think Ken Jones would be delighted that writing and haibun – haiku embedded in a short story – of this high quality can be found in StoneWater. ‘Brief Love * fetching my bag and jacket called from behind her smile I found her […]

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The question Sensei posed for the next edition of the newsletter was ‘When your mind changes, the world changes. And when we respond differently to the world, the world responds differently to us.’ – David Loy. We invited reflections on whether people had found this to be the case or not in their life and […]

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Here’s a little gem of a piece by Stuart Hollyoak. ‘The word listen contains the same letters as the word silent’ – Alfred Brendal Our culture never tires of dangling carrots of satisfaction over my head. Industries vie for my attention and money with new fragrances, fashions, gadgets and entertainment. Though I’m hardly coerced by […]

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Come What May

Here’s a really interesting and thoughtful piece by Stuart Hollyoak who asks ‘how can I act without dependency on results and thus independent of Ego?’  Is this possible?  What do you think?  ‘Sentient beings are numberless, I vow to save them. Desires are inexhaustible, I vow to put an end to them. The Dharmas are […]

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On Pain

by Stuart Hollyoak Before I was a Buddhist I was a Stoic. What attracted me to Stoicism was that it promised invulnerability. It was a great prospect to experience no pain and go about life without any fear of losing control. To avoid pain is a desire common to all sentient beings so why not […]

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