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The “10,000 Things of Western Zen” – Alasdair Taisen Gordon-Finlayson

Dear sangha member, I am a researcher at the University of Northampton, UK, and as you might know, I am also a Zen practitioner in the StoneWater Sangha. I received tokudo in 2011, and was made ‘Hoshi’ last year by Keizan Roshi, who’s graciously permitted me to send out this call for help with my new research project, which […]

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Japanese sutra

Where is the Dharma? Looking for the teaching on the cushion and in everyday life – Colin Shinjo Salmon

“The Dharma, incomparably profound and infinitely subtle, is rarely encountered even in millions of ages.”-  from the Sutra Opening Gatha “The Buddha’s Dharma has this good reputation; it is well expounded by the Blessed One, visible here and now, inviting one to come and inspect it, applicable, to be personally experienced by sensible people.”  – from […]

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Buddhist Action Month – Climate Action: Personal Action

The Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO) which StoneWater Zen is a member of, hold a Buddhist Action Month in June each year. The theme for 2019 is “Climate Action – Personal Action”. The NBO have produced a Handbook which suggests actions that Buddhists might want to consider taking, either personally or in groups, to make […]

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Speaking Through Closed Lips: a Zen Guide to Dialogue – Woo-Young Tetsugen Yang

Sensei invited Sarah and I to represent StoneWater Zen Sangha at the Greater Manchester Buddhist Convention where the theme this year was Dialogue. Our session was entitled “Shut up and Speak: The Zen approach to dialogue and how it influences two Zen practitioners”.  As a novice, I would not normally comment on or discuss koans outside […]

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