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Two Arrows Meet in Mid-Air – Suigen Sensei

John Suigen Kenworthy received Dharma Transmission (Shiho) from Keizan Roshi on 31st March 2021. Suigen Sensei is Roshi’s second successor after Shinro Sensei who received transmission in December 2020. Roshi conducted the ceremony at the Lakes Zendo with the assistance online of Hank Yoshin Sensei from the Netherlands. There was also meticulous support from Stephan […]

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Crosby Sesshin, Now and Then – John Suigen Kenworthy

In September and October we ran two online sesshins. The aim was to replicate, as far as possible, a physical sesshin, with extended sitting periods, interviews, work periods (samu) and services. There were also suggestions provided for meal preparation and other shared samu activities. The feedback for both these events was very positive. Whilst everyone […]

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Fetch water, chop wood, make tea

A story from John Suigen’s life that includes this great paragraph: “Sudden, unwanted and dramatic life events can at times be a real challenge in my zen practice. Being told that such events are “a good life koan,” or that “Now! …is the time to practice” has the same flavour of being reminded that there are people in the world with much bigger problems than you. You know it to be true but it doesn’t seem to take you anywhere at the time.”

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