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Image of service at Liverpool zendo

Some Reflections on Ritual in Zen – Tony Shinro Doubleday Sensei

East Barn Zendo exists so that people may come together to practise zazen (meditation) in the Zen Buddhist tradition promulgated by Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi (1931-1995). For this reason, the zendo (meditation room) has a Buddhist altar as its focus, towards which we bow and chant. Some people are disconcerted by the idea that in […]

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Andy  Lloyd’s favourite Zen books – ‘Everyday Zen’ and ‘Nothing Special’ by Charlotte Joko Beck

I often think of Zen books as something like the fourth treasure, combining with the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha treasures in a handy, go anywhere package. As a newbie to Zen practice, I’ve only scratched the surface of the countless titles available, but feel my practice has benefited immensely from what little I have read. […]

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Keizan Roshi’s New Year Message

Best Wishes for the New Year from Keizan Scott Roshi Dear Fellow Practitioners, The theme of the present SWZ Newsletter just posted out is ‘What is my favourite koan and why?’ This newsletter is a really good issue with fine contributions and especially from Karen/Shoji and Jez/Yushin with their commentaries on a favourite koan. (you can find the […]

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Hanamatsuri May 2019

On 11 May StoneWater Zen held its first Hanamatsuri celebrations at its centre in Liverpool and at the London group. This marks a new chapter in the growth of the sangha and reflects the recognition that we are much more than a Zen sitting group but a real presence in the lives of sangha members […]

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Keizan receives Inka

At the Spring sesshin at Crosby Hall in April, Tenshin Roshi conferred Inka, certification of final completion of training, on Keizan Sensei.  This took place in a private ceremony at dawn on Wednesday 10th April when Keizan was given the Inka certificate and rakusu by Tenshin Roshi.  The occasion was celebrated by the sangha after the evening sitting on Thursday 11th April. […]

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