Yokoji – more bad news

Having weathered the forest fire, as we previously reported, events have sadly taken a turn for the worse at Yokoji Zen Mountain Center.  See Yugen’s blog: http://zmc.org/blog/2013/09/a-turn-for-the-worse for some very distressing pictures.

The forest fire burned off the vegetation that stabilised the soil on the mountain above the Center.  This has left them dangerously exposed to debris and mud washing off the mountain and down Apple Canyon during storms.  Unfortunately in the past few days a series of unseasonal storms has done exactly that and the Center has been deluged in mud, up to 5′ deep in places.  Although the buildings are still intact, the Center is uninhabitable and unusable and has been forced to close to protect the lives of residents and visitors.  And winter, with its storms, snow and wind, has not even begun.  The future of Yokoji is precarious and severely threatened.  This is indeed distressing and we send our best wishes to Tenshin Roshi and to all the ZMC sangha.

We will keep you posted about events at Yokoji, or you can follow the zmc blog.  As Keizan Sensei says in his recent mailing “That in these circumstances Roshi can still join us at Crosby feels like a special gift and one to appreciate by our grateful reciprocation.  See you there.”

If you are thinking of coming to the October Crosby sesshin please see the events page for details and book as soon as possible with Jez to confirm your place.