Samu Sesshin, August 2012

…Four days, three good walks (which could be from 2ish until 4.30 each afternoon) not every one attended by everyone. Not as well filled as usual (nine total, in a room for a dozen max) – due to illness and then the ‘waiting list’ also unable to get there.

This one had a welcome different feel, with – as is the case with Samu Sesshin – no silence at all, except for of course during the four and a half zendo hours daily (a nice time-balance to the four-and-three-quarter hours – for the keen ones, more! – scheduled samu)

Quite a lot to do with less than the number of people expected; however, with Sensei feeling happy at the end with what had been accomplished, very satisfying. Lucky with weather, which was warm and ¾ dry, supporting all the outdoor work planned – maintenance, building, garden.

With normal talking one got to know people better, that was one of the plusses, with the working together of course. There is presently only one of these a year.