Presentation of the ‘Harmony Phoenix’

The ‘Wa’

On Wednesday 25th April, we had a really memorable event after zazen. It was a presentation of the ‘Harmony Phoenix’ picture to the Sangha by Lesley Graham, on behalf of the Ametsuchibito (the Wa delivery group). To promote harmony within the world, the Ametsuchibito have donated over five hundred Wa pictures to different organisations in locations all over the planet. We are honoured and grateful to have been chosen to receive one of the pictures.

Wa means ‘harmony’ in Japanese and is a foundation stone of Japanese society. Japanese people will always distinguish between their inner emotions and ways of achieving harmony within a group – the Wa. So if voicing an opinion or taking a certain action will upset the Wa, a mature person will put on a brave face and say or do nothing. Harmony is therefore maintained.

Shigenobu Katakura is the head priest of Aoba-jinja Shinto shrine and is also a senior representative of Ametsuchibito (the Wa-deliverer group). He explains;

“Why should we deliver “the picture of Wa to all over the world?

It was begun from the word “Wa”. “Wa” means “to live in harmony each other”. “Yamato-damashii = Great, Harmony, Soul)” means “Spirit in Great harmony “. We Japanese lived in this “Yamato-damashii” but we have forgotten it in recent years.

I was reminded of the importance to live in “Yamato-damashii” when I saw the picture of “Wa”. Almost all Japanese were reminded of it at the M9.0 huge earthquake tsunami and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant accident. “Yamato-damashii” is not only for Japanese but also for all people in the world. So I and my colleague delivered “the picture of Wa” all over the world in the last three years.

Now let us go to make the world in Great Harmony with “Yamato=damashii” hand in hand! We would like to present “the picture of Wa” in graphical contents. You can use them freely within your respectful mind for them.”

Lesley Graham, who presented the picture to us, writes,

It was a great pleasure and honour being able to offer the Wa painting to Keizan Dave Scott Sensei and the StoneWater Zen Sangha this evening. Here are the links to information about the artwork and there are downloadable images too:

You can read more about the artwork
and other places of worship where the artwork has been offered

I received the artwork following an appeal by a friend of the artist, Dr Masaru Emoto, for people living outside of Japan to take this original artwork to be offered to places of worship around the world.

with best wishes, Lesley Graham

I feel that I speak for all of us to say that events like this are heart warming. To think that these beautiful pictures are sent out to promote harmony within the world is truly inspiring. Another lesson to us all.

Ron Anzan Bell

Pictures of the presentation are in the album section