Retreats and Event Dates


Shuso Training Period at StoneWater Lakes Zendo

with Alasdair Taisen Gordon-Finlayson

Join us for our 2016 month long training period at the StoneWater Zendo in the Lakes. This event is really only suitable for existing StoneWater Sangha members.

The Training Period will begin on the evening of Sunday 30th July and will end on Thursday 24th August 2017. Bookings can be made for any of the following weeks. Priority will be given to people booking a full week.

Week 1 Retreat: Sunday 30th July to Friday 4th August
(led by Keizan Sensei)
Week 2 Retreat: Sunday: 6th to Friday 11th August
(led by Alasdair)
Week 3 Samu week: Sunday 13th to Friday 18th August
(practical skills needed)
Week 4 Retreat: Sunday 20th to Thursday 24th August
(led by Alasdair)

Arrangements can also be made for weekend stays for 6th-7th and 19th-20th August only (i.e. there is no accommodation available during the middle weekend). At weekends, meals will be on a self-catering basis and there will be more free time in the schedule.

This month long period will also form part of the training for a Shuso or ‘head monk / trainee’ and this year the position will be taken by Alasdair. The position of Shuso traditionally includes responsibility for the organisation of the training period and close work with the teacher on a koan.

There will be a final Shuso Hossen ceremony at the StoneWater Zen Centre in Liverpool on Saturday afternoon, 26th August when the Shuso will present a dharma talk. This is followed by a question/ answer session in which those who wish to support Alasdair Taisen may challenge him on his understanding of the koan (dharma combat). All Sangha members are warmly encouraged to support and witness this ceremony. Rehearsals will be held on the mornings of Friday 25th and Saturday 26th August, in Liverpool.

Costs for each week:
£120 (£95 concessions) for weeks 1 and 2 (five nights)
£35 for Samu Week (i.e. week 3; no concessions available this week))
£95 for Week 4 (four nights)
£40 for a weekend stay (Friday & Saturday nights) with meals on a self-catering basis

To book or for queries, please contact Alasdair by email at or by phone on 07807 753 781.

Bookings must be confirmed by a deposit of £30 (£20 for Samu week).



Autumn Sesshin with Keizan Sensei, supported by Tony Shinro Doubleday

Sunday, 22nd (6pm) to Saturday, 28th October (10.30am) at Crosby, near Liverpool.

Stonewater has had an unexpected windfall this year from Gift Aid. To benefit the sangha equally and to thank all of you who have supported our retreats over the years we have decided as a one off (this is not a precedent!) to subsidise the autumn retreat from our funds.

The cost will thus be a flat £150 for everyone who attends.

For enquiries and information on how to book, contact

Jez Lovekin, Llwyndrain, Pontrhydygroes, Ystrad Meurig, Ceredigion, SY25 6DP

Tel 01974 282686 or e mail