Helping Ukraine & Shiho for Kogen

Helping Ukraine – a Message from Keizan Roshi

Dear Folks,
I have received a copy of a document, “Helping Ukraine,” from Orina, daughter of Zen teachers Malgosia and Andrezj of the Kanzeon Polish Sangha.(Click here to access the document.)
The “Be” Foundation (Fundacja Małgosi Braunek) and the Kanzeon Sangha in Poland are devoting their resources to assembling and delivering medical supplies to Ukraine and to helping Ukranian refugees in Poland.The Foundation bears the name of White Plum teacher Malgosia, who died in 2014. She and Andrezj founded the Kanzeon Sangha in Poland, which Andrezj leads today.
Orina describes the purpose of the foundation, the shift they have made due to the war, and most importantly, how you can help by donating to them via PayPal:
Here is the English version of the Foundation’s website.
We will make a donation from Stonewater Zen Trust funds as well as any individual donation you would like to make.
Love and Gassho,
Keizan Roshi

Dharma Transmission for Simon Kogen Heale

Keizan Roshi has recently posted the following to the White Plum Asangha ( the association of teachers within our lineage ):
‘I am very happy to announce that on Saturday 19th March 2022, I gave transmission to Simon Kogen Heale. He is a long term practitioner with myself and before that with Genpo Roshi and Tenshin Roshi. He has made a valuable contribution to the dharma over many years and I am most grateful to have Simon as a successor.
With very best wishes and love in these difficult times,
Stonewater Zen Sangha, Liverpool and Lake District, UK.’
(There is a short biography of Simon’s practice life on our Teachers page.)