Online Sesshin Begins September 14th

Online Sesshin:  Monday, 14th September (7pm) to Friday 18th September (1pm)
General aim: To run a typical sesshin schedule in an online format. This will include planned sittings, interviews, dharma talks and services.  For further details see the Retreat page.
Format: The format and schedule will be similar to the ‘Retreat to the City’ programme insofar as the sessions will be additional to the usual weekly online schedule. The existing weekly schedule will remain unchanged and will be open to all.
Registration: Participants will be asked to register and commit to attending as many sessions as possible. They will then receive the meeting ID number and password for sesshin. This will be the same number for all the additional sessions. Only the folks who register would be able to access these additional sessions.
Interviews: Interviews will be available throughout the sesshin using ‘break out’ rooms.
Samu or work period: There will be suggested activities for the Samu period announced each day after morning sitting including daily recipes provided in advance.