New Online Morning Schedule from 15 June

New Online morning schedule from 15 June
The weekday morning sittings have been so popular and successful that we will be extending them to an hour from Monday 15 June.
This is the day when many people will be returning to work so we will be starting earlier so these people can still join us.  Equally, you may not wish to get up earlier and so it will still be possible to join at 7.30.  You have the choice – join us for an hour or half an hour, as you wish.
Here’s the new schedule which will operate Monday-Friday:
6.55am Online Zendo opens with a 10 minute period to chat with others if you wish.
7.05am First sitting of 25 minutes.
7.30am Break of 5 mins – microphones remain muted – for people to stretch their legs, leave or join silently as they wish.
7.35am Second sitting of 25 minutes.
8.00am Verse of Kesa and 3 bows.  Then an informal period for people to chat for a few minutes if they wish.