Liverpool Reopening etc

Reduced schedule in the Online Zendo from 31st July to 28th August

While the August Training Period is taking place at Stonewater Zendo in the Lake District we will be running a reduced schedule in the Online Zendo with sessions in the mornings only. Please see the Online Zendo page for further details.

Reopening of the Stonewater Centre in Liverpool

COVID guidelines permitting, the Liverpool Centre will reopen on Saturday August 28th for this year’s Shuso Hosen ceremony, and the usual schedule at the Centre will resume on Wednesday September 1st. Please click here to read Roshi’s message concerning the reopening.

August Training Period 2021 at StoneWater Zen Lake District

We are happy to announce that the annual Summer Training Period in the Lake District will resume in 2021. Four consecutive, week long retreats at the Stonewater Zendo at Butterwick in the Lake District which form part of the training for the ‘Shuso’ or Head Trainee. This year the position falls to Dorinda Genju Talbot. The month will conclude with a full Shuso Hossen ceremony in Liverpool on Saturday 28th of August. Please see the Events page for further information and booking details.