The Stonewater Zen Centre is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently meeting regularly online, please see our Online Zendo page for further details.

Jukai ceremonies

Jukai is the ceremony of receiving the Precepts, as explained here.

2007 Suzy, Ron & Alari at Crosby

2008 Jim L, Jim T, Dave, & Chris at Crosby

2009 Miranda, Jenny, Libby, Paul, & Tulie at Crosby

Feb 2010 Sue King, Jim Walker at SWZ Lakes

Nov 2010 Keith, Joan, Martin & Linda at Liverpool

2012 Steve, Jan & Jason at Crosby

2013 Colin, Jo, Neil, Maurice, Giles & Tim at Liverpool

Nov 2015 Kamil, Sarah, Stuart & Woo at Liverpool

Dec 2016 Paul & Clive at Liverpool

Jun 2017 Margaretta at Liverpool


Jun 2019 Lorena & Paul at Liverpool