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On becoming a monk 1.

On becoming a monk… The Easter retreat at Crosby will see three new monks being ordained.  Suzanne Tsuko Adey, Keith Shingo Parr and Sue Eido King will all receive Shukke Tokudo from Sensei on Thursday 16 April. In the blog pieces that follow I have asked the three new monks to say a little more […]

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Memories of Shukke Tokudo

9am. 6th October 2006. I am leaning over a sink in the zendo house, Kanzeon Zen Centre, Salt Lake City. Anna, a resident monk, is making a preliminary shaving of my head. She leaves a short bristle of hair and just two long strands on the top of my head. Later that day, I am dressed in brand new white jubon and kimono. I am sitting in a chair in the Founder’s room beneath the zendo with all the monks present at the centre in attendance. We chant together ‘The Gatha to be Chanted Before Shaving the Head’.

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