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Deaf and Blind in the Land of Zen

By coincidence, I came across the following sermon by Dogen Zenji, in Taigen Dan Leighton’s translation of Dogen’s Eihei Koroku, having just put down A Blind Man in the Land of Zen, which is newly published by fellow Sangha-member Steve Hobson: Hyakujo received a shout from Baso, whereupon he became deaf for three days. All people in […]

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Massocki returns to Cameroon

Farewell to Massocki from Cameroon who trained regularly with us at the StoneWater Zendo, Liverpool. Sadly, he has now returned home. We will miss him a lot and wish him all the best for the future. We can now look forward to StoneWater Zen, Cameroon! Keizan Sensei

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Keizan Sensei’s trip to the Himalayas

Dear Sangha members, very best wishes for 2012. I do hope we each have a fruitful and enriching year ahead. I look forward to seeing you in Liverpool (please check out our personalised mini retreat opportunity), Crosby or up in the Lakes. We have an all year round  Wednesday to Saturday schedule in Liverpool and […]

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Memories of Dr John Crook

Simon Heale, who many of us will know only as a fantastic Tenzo from many of our retreats, was also a friend of John Crook, a successor in the Ch’an tradition to Master Sheng Yen.  Dr Crook recently passed away, and Simon shares some recollections of this remarkable figure in British Buddhism.

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