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Who is Keizan Jokin Zenji?

Each week, after chanting together the Identity of Relative and Absolute, we dedicate the merits of that chanting to our dharma ancestors. I’m not comfortable with just chanting the names mindlessly, so I thought I’d do some reading around and find out a little more… and then inflict it on you! I wanted to start with Keizan Jōkin (1268-1325), because of all the figures we recall during the service, he seems to have been most unduly overlooked.

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The fraud – Perils of koan practice

I’ve been stuck on a seemingly innocent koan for quite a few weeks now, even with weekly dokusan. I won’t go into details, I’m not looking for help on the koan, just an observation of the process, and perhaps a cry for understanding and begging not to be judged too harshly for either my fraud… or my self-pity!

(This is adapted from an old diary entry of mine – I’ve actually shared this online once before, but not here.)

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