Zoom keeps me regular – Rhys Jones

Zoom keeps me sitting regular

You’ve seen and been the proof

Without you I would not have done it

My virtual inos in shashu


Off the Way I had completely fallen

Broadoak bedlam bound was I

Then years it took to get back seated

This is the truth and not a lie


But lockdown, I met gleefully, actually,

Enjoyed the silence, found it a boon

And my Zen resumed randomly

As it’s often wont to do


Thankfully the brains trust plan proactive

Keep dojo spares to retire to

Remaining safely uninfected

Well fed, Covid immune


Online zazen is much the same

A finger at the moon

The boundless Buddha ever-present

A cat cut right in two


Your cloistered presence sustains me, loves

Mainichi-koh perfumed

It keeps me firmly zafu-planted

Another day, another Mu.




See when I’m sitting regular

It’s clear – I’m still a loon

Watching thoughts burble unrequested

Upwelling from the gloom


I question irresistible perception

Roots of desires, drives, feelings, moods

Edging ontologically closer

To verisimilitude


And that,

for me,

is basically

the point.


So thank you, fellow bedroom zendo dwellers

Piped in real-time through the tube

See you all in person shortly

Regards, for now, from me, yours truly

I’ll miss the Joy of Zoom.