Sangha Family Group Update

Next Meeting
Our small group of parents is getting together again on Sunday 10th June, for a picnic in Greenbank Park.  If the weather turns bad, we can meet in my house in Crosby instead.  It’s mainly a chance to chat while the children play and continue getting to know each other.  We’ll (try) to do a little meditation activity as well, although last time we didn’t get far beyond lighting incense, banging a mokugyo and generally getting quite excited about that.  This time I thought we could try an activity I’ve adapted from Plum Village, so complaints on a postcard to Thich Naht Hahn if it doesn’t go well.  Please get in touch with me if you’d like to join us.
Next Thursday I’ll add a section to the library on Practice and Family.  So far, I have only two books to put in it, so if you have recommendations, let me know and I will buy them.  Even better, if you have books you could donate, leave them on the bottom shelf and they will be greatly appreciated.  I’m particularly keen on children’s books, not just on Buddhism, but anything exploring the big things in life we have to talk about with them. (I currently have “The Story of Angulimala,” “The places you’ll go” and “Buddhism for Mothers”)
Future Plans
I’m hoping to organise a retreat day at some point, in which we take it in turns to play with the children or take them out somewhere, and sit.  That would be a chance for partners to have a break, too, whether they practice or not.  There’ll be more on this after the Summer, but again, get in touch if you’re interested.
Colin Salmon, 07875 549083,