Social media is OK – as long as you keep it social

Here is another piece on our Zen and the Internet theme – this from Mark Kogan Shawcroft:

To post or not to post that is the question. I used to post the odd opinion on Facebook. But lately I have stuck to just putting photos of my kids having a good time, just to show the family we don’t see much what’s going on in our lives. Recently I came to the conclusion that social media is okay. Sharing photos, catching up, looking at bands you like, Brad Warner’s posts etc. I also look at rockabilly girls posing with old vintage American cars and convince myself I am being nostalgic for times gone by, a simpler time. A time when being sexy…. erm where was I?

That was it, social media is okay. As long as you’re being social. But I find it’s not social as soon as I start feeling people are telling me what to do, how to be, what to think, suggesting (how dare they!) that they might know better than me. If you vote leave you’re this, if you vote stay you’re that. If you don’t hate Trump you hate womankind. Don’t you want to get rid of terrorism? Are you a Tory in disguise? Tony Blair was Thatcher’s best invention. You just listened to the propaganda, I saw through it. I know stuff you don’t. It’s all a conspiracy, the queen’s controlled by lizards.

Too many opinions and information. I feel attacked. I don’t know what to think but one thing I do know is this I don’t need you to f***ing tell me what to think. I won’t join in, I will stand my ground. Do it from a distance, use humour. Yes, that comment was funny, will teach them to be such know-it-alls. Oh no, they have hit back with a better joke, one on me. Better up my game. Whoops think I have offended someone. I say whoops but really that’s what I set out to do. One-nil.

Then it dawns on me all these opinions then me defending my own. What a monumental waste of time! I am just being an idiot. Just highlights that I like a good chat / debate / fight and I like to win. Just frightened to be nothing, say nothing, be unnoticed. I could try just being kind but I think being quiet might be better for me. Maybe we could go back to writing letters, it takes a lot of effort to start a fight by letter. I have to admit that although I am a kind and caring person, I am also an angry wasp, especially when I feel small. So I am going to practice being small and see what happens. So social media is good thing as long as I can keep it social. But summer is coming and my dog appreciates it when I go offline. Walkies.