StoneWater Zen Sangha Sitting Groups, White Plum Membership and StoneWater Sangha Membership

StoneWater Zen Sangha Sitting Groups

A group may only operate under the auspices of SWZ with permission from Keizan Sensei. The conditions attached to that permission can be discussed with him by the person or people making the request. 

White Plum Assangha membership

The White Plum Asangha (WPA) is an affinity lineage organisation of Zen teachers who have received Shiho Transmission within the succession line of Maezumi Roshi. To be a member a person has to fulfil the above requirement and after application to WPA, to be voted in by existing members. Membership is restricted to individuals and the affiliation of groups etc. is signified only by the WPA membership of the particular teacher leading that group or sangha.  Within the UK, responsibility to the parent organisation within the lineage line of Tenshin Roshi is with Keizan Sensei.  

 Sangha Membership, Jukai and Shoken

It is a good idea to look at our web site (the Precepts page, as well as the StoneWater Notes articles on Jukai: Receiving the precepts and Shoken: Committing to a teacher) to discover the difference between Jukai (receiving the precepts) and Shoken (asking to become a formal student of Keizan Sensei). It is possible to receive Jukai from Sensei and not be his student  if he agrees. You may also be a sangha member without receiving Jukai or Shoken if Sensei agrees.  If you wish to ask Sensei to become a Shoken student then please contact him directly.