Snow in a Silver Bowl (Audio)


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This talk was originally given on 11th August 2010 at The Dojo in Liverpool.  Here’s a copy of the case in question (from this source), which is Case 13 from the Hekiganroku.

A monk asked Haryo, “What is the Deva Sect?”
Haryo said, “Heaping up snow in a silver bowl.”

Another translation can be found here, with a few explanatory notes by Stefano Mui Barragato, a dharma heir of Tetsugen Glassman Roshi.

While I (Alasdair) have the opportunity, just a quick note to say thanks to those who took the time to email Sensei or myself.  Very glad that this format – that is, recordings of Sensei’s talks – seems to be popular.

(And finally – apologies that this post is a day late!)