Beginning Zen

Meditation takes many forms; in Zen it means sitting still in silence, alone or with others – known as zazen. People meditate for many reasons and there is growing research which shows that people who meditate are more relaxed, deal better with stress and are healthier.

But there is so much more to Zen than relaxation or stress management. Zen practice addresses the very basic issues of life and death. It deals with our essential nature and cultivates appreciation of life and well being, kindness to oneself, to others and the environment.

We welcome people from all walks of life and from all religious and non religious backgrounds to sit with us, practising the path of awakening.

Beginners are welcome!

Beginners are welcome at Liverpool and at the associated StoneWater local groups. We view introducing meditation to the public as a service we offer to the community, regardless of whether or not you decide to continue.

Introductory sessions take place on one Saturday in the month, 1.30 to 3.30pm. The session will include instruction in zazen and an introduction to the traditions and particular forms which underpin practice in the Stonewater sangha. For this reason, everyone who is new to Stonewater is asked to attend an introductory session regardless of previous experience of meditation or Zen. 

The dates for 2017 are as follows:-

28th January

18th February

11th March (date change)

29th April

20th May

17th June

15th July

August:  No introductory session

16th September

14th October

18th November

The  sessions will introduce you to Zen meditation and there will be opportunities for you to try different sitting positions and basic techniques, and ask questions. Instruction is tailored to individual needs and there is opportunity for informal discussion over tea and biscuits. There is no expectation or pressure that you have to sit cross-legged on the floor if this is not comfortable for you. Nor will you be under any pressure or expectation to join anything, or continue coming after your initial visit.

For further information about Beginning Zen, or to book a place, please contact us via the web site.

No local group near you? The best way to learn meditation is from a teacher or experienced practitioner but if you are not able to come to the Liverpool centre or visit a local group, help is still available. See the Meditation section for details of comfortable meditation postures and suggestions on how to meditate at home. The Recommended Reading page also provides further ideas for books on Zen and meditation.