This is where we invite you, the Sangha members, to contribute your short articles on your experiences, ideas or readings that you feel will interest others. Send these direct to the webmaster, Andy Scott, or via the contact page. Posts will be linked and publicised in general mailings, Facebook and Twitter. Comments may be made on the StoneWater Zen Facebook page or via Twitter, or via the webmaster if you don’t use social media.

Women ancestors – why honouring them by name in our services is important to me – Miranda Wayu Forward

When I first joined StoneWater Zen way back in 2001, I couldn’t help noticing that all the ancestors named in our services were male. Women did get a mention, however, but only as ‘all women lineage holders whose names have been lost or forgotten’. How sad, I felt, but unsurprising to me as a feminist […]

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Mahaprajnapati with Prince Siddhartha

Who are these women? Explaining the female names in our dedication chant – Miranda Wayu Forward and Sarah Kokai Thwaites on behalf of the StoneWater Zen Women Ancestors Group

In 2016 the names of 4 female ancestors were added to the dedication chanted in StoneWater services alongside 5 male ancestors, including the Buddha himself. Previously the dedication paid tribute to women ‘lost and forgotten’. With a resurgence of interest in female ancestors and the publication of several notable books on this subject (see references […]

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‘Showing Up – How Do I Get to Square 1?’ by Woo-Young Tetsugen Yang

Copyright – Leah Pearlman @, “Worst-Thing-Best-Thing” Woody Allen said “80% of success is showing up. And often inspiration waits until you do”.  Someone else said “When we are willing to show up with our insecurities we create new possibilities”. What does this mean for you and do you have any experience of its wisdom […]

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Bright and Clear by Karen Shoji Robbie

We are currently gathering contributions from sangha members of the theme of showing up with our insecurities. Here Karen shares her experience of facing hers on a Chan retreat. In between branches the moon bright and clear I look up I arrive in the dark in the mud. A bright head torch and a friendly […]

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‘Changing My Mind’

A reflection by Maurice Shokatsu George ‘A human mind is an unfathomable entity. Nobody knows what it is. Nobody. Consciousness? Awareness? A by-product of the brain? A non-entity? A facet of the imagination? It’s no use consulting the experts. The only expert to manage my mind is me. No-one else. Nothing else. No Buddhas. Only […]

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IT in Zen – How does the electronic mindfulness work?

Here Woo-Young Tetsugen Yang looks at some of the technology of meditation.  Smartphone apps have become very popular and widely used, especially by Mindfulness practitioners.  But can they also be useful in a more traditional style of Zen practice?  Here is Woo’s experience: Insight Timer ( is a meditation app that I have used every single […]

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