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‘Mind the Gap? – Zen in Daily Life’ by Jez Yushin Lovekin

I have been reading Genpo Roshi’s latest literary offering “Spitting out the Bones.” Whilst this is not a plug or a review, it is a fascinating and irritating experience. And for this Brit, proof that the cultural divide still remains as strong as ever. There was always something epic about Roshi and although personally, I […]

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‘Reflections on Rohatsu and Jukai’ by Clive Tenryu Lindley-Jones

Early on in George Eliot’s seminal Novel, Middlemarch, Dorothea says to her would-be husband, the dried-up scholar Mr. Casaubon: “I have longed for some great purpose in my life that would give it shape and meaning.” Looking at the sad struggles of our world and reflecting on this desire to have meaning in our lives, […]

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‘Reality’ by Maurice George

Indra’s Net  When reading this, please be patient. I’m trying, rather helplessly, to clarify my own mind. My reality is not the same as your reality. All sentient beings have different realities. Billions of beings experience billions of realities. Existence is not the same as reality. Our understanding of reality is at the mercy of […]

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